Hot air Balloon flight in Vilnius and Lithuania

A good price choice for sightseeing flight with hot air balloon all across Vilnius!

Lift your spirit up in the air!

Are you ready to get into hot air balloon and start an amazing journey high above the clouds?

In the slow trip above Vilnius, Trakai and other significant landscapes, you will forget all the daily worries and fall into the beauty of amazing scenery of Lithuania. Hot air balloon flight could be memorable part of engagements, weddings, anniversaries or other important days – indulge yourself and your beloved ones and record this amazing experience up in the sky! Grab your camera or smartphone, forget everyday routine and make some new good memories.

There‘s never two identical flights with air balloon. Every flight is the one and only!

Flights take place only at sunrises and sunsets in favorable weather conditions.

To book a flight, you can fill reservation form here, or call +370 655 655 66.

If you worry about the price, you can always use the last minute offer. The flight will be considerably cheaper but you‘ll have to accept the time, when pilot will be prepared. Are you in the firmly decision of flying with hot air balloon? Check the information, which could be useful in the preparation process for the flight.