About the flights

The characteristics and stages of hot air balloon flight

Because all the hot air balloon flights are happening

in the time of sunrise or sunset, meeting for the flight is always different and depends on the time of year. In summer air balloon flights are organized from 5am till 9am and around 4pm, accordingly, in the autumn flights are being arranged in 8am and 4pm.

Meeting point is discussed individually with passengers.

Time spent in the air is one hour. The entire flight program lasts for 3-4 hours; it consists of:

• Meeting at the start point

• The preparation of the balloon and other equipment for take-off;

• The flight;

• The preparation of the balloon and other equipment for transportation;

• Balloonist christening ceremony for the passengers, who flew for the first time;

• Returning to the start point.

Perhaps the only moment, when you can greatly feel the sense of flight, is the time of balloon rising from the ground to the height of the flight line. Flight altitude may vary depending on the prevailing air masses, ranging from 50 to 1500 m. During the flight, the balloon is accompanied by a car. Passengers, the balloon and equipment are brought back by car at launch position after the flight.

What you need to know before ordering a flight

Hot air balloon flight schedules:

Air balloon pilot really knows those days, when you can‘t book the flight because of the events or competitions both in Lithuania and abroad. Therefore, if you would like to plan the flight date more accurately, you have to call the pilot and ask about the options to fly on a particular day. Flight schedules shall be based on priority.


Remember that hot air balloon flight is completely dependent on the weather. So even the flight was reserved for a specific date, it may happen that due to bad weather conditions the flight could be cancelled. If your flight is postponed due to weather conditions, it‘s only for your safety. The flight will be certainly cancelled if the forecasted wind speed will be more than 15 km/h, or if there‘s predicted rain fall with thunderstorms or rain gusts in radius of 150 km. Sometimes flights could be postponed because of the heat. On hot days, the temperature outside and heat burners’ interaction can catastrophically affect the course of the flight. All the permissions and cancellations of the flights are in full pilot‘s responsibility and shall not be questioned.

Health condition

You must be able to stand at least one hour. There‘s no sofa of chair, or other comforts in hot air balloon basket. You will also need to be able to maintain your weight clinging to specially prepared holders when air balloon will land. It may take some time to completely stop air balloon flight of 15 km/h. This is roughly equivalent to impact as jumping from the table. Pregnant women are also forbidden to fly hot air balloon. Baby is a special little person, so give him a birth, wait until he grows up and fly together! Keep in mind that flights with hot air balloons are the correct kinds of sport, and we are taking all the possible measures to protect your health. Remember that you may not avoid some minor injuries or injuries while landing, climbing into or out of the basket, on the way to or from launch place. If you have any health problems, please consult the pilot before booking a flight.


On the flight day dress up for spending 4 hours in the open air. The pilot will advise if additional clothing will be needed.